1. What do I need when I arrive in Cancun?

    Even though Cancun looks like parts of Florida, it is in Mexico - a whole other country. You will need your passport, or certified birth certificate and photo ID. You also have to fill out a tourist form (check to see you signed on the back if necessary). Don't lose it during your vacation or you will get fined when you leave the country. If you do lose it, report it stolen to the police and the airport officials will accept the police report in lieu of the form.

  2. After Passing through customs at the airport what do we do?

    You will come through doors into an area where there will be porters to help you with your luggage.  Carts are not allowed beyond this point but a porter will be happy to take your luggage for you to the rental car check-in. 

    Next, pick up your rental car.  The rental car companies are outside the terminal that you will be arriving at.  They all have big signs so it is pretty easy to see them but just tell the porter if you are using one and he will know where to go for you to check-in.

  3. Do I need a rental car and how should I rent it?

    Yes, to get around the Cancun area a rental car is necessary.  Although there is public transportation, it is not convenient. You can rent a car over the internet or directly with the rental car agencies. You should reserve a car in advance. Most of the major car rental companies are available at Cancun airport.

  4. What is the procedure for checking in and checking out?

    Check-in time is after 12:00 PM.  Checkout time is 10:00AM.  There is some flexibility in these times depending on the next guests arrival time and if you have an early flight. The property manager will show you around and answer questions on arrival check-in and assist you on check-out going over a checklist of items to release your security deposit.
  5. Can a Foreigner Own Vacation Property in Mexico?

    The constitution of Mexico prohibits foreigners from owning property within 50 kilometers of the beach (about 33 miles).  Mexico has established a bank trust mechanism that allows foreigners to exercise complete and legal control over personal residential property in beach restricted zone via a bank trust (fidiecomiso). This permits foreigners to purchase coastal properties through a trust deed. The trust deed (fidiecomiso) is established through a Mexican bank assuring foreign buyers of all rights and privileges of ownership.  The sole purpose of the bank is to manage the property for the benefit of the owner of the trust.  The trust is administered according to the directions of the beneficiary.  Therefore the owner controls the trust and therefore the property.
  6. How Does the Property Ownership Transfer Process (Closing) Work?

    In Mexico a Notorio Publico takes the place of the traditional Escrow or Title Insurance companies. The Notorio Publico should not be confused with a Notory Public in the U.S. A Notorio Publico is a highly experienced and specialized real estate attorney who has been appointed by the Federal government to oversee property transfers and other procedural legal matters. The Notorio Publico will handle the complete transaction including title search, property transfer and generation of a fidiecomiso.

  7. Do I need electrical adaptors to run my hairdryer etc.?

    No, all the electrical outlets are U.S. style and the voltage 110 volts 60 hertz,  the same as the U.S. and Canada so hairdryers, computers and any other appliances will work without any adaptors. Also, there are plenty of outlets in each room.

  8. Can I drink the water?

    Normal water from the tap is not suitable for drinking. All our properties provide bottled water for drinking. 

  9. Can I get sick from drinking the water or eating the food?

    Usually people do not get sick from drinking the water but from eating salads where the vegetables have not been cleaned properly. The most likely items are cilantro (the curly herb like parsley) or lettuce.  Be careful eating salads in other than the better restaurants. There are drops which can be purchased at various grocery stores - WalMart etc. that should be used to clean vegetables before eating.
  10. Where can I buy groceries?

    In Puerto Morelos there is a small market similar to a seven-eleven with general use items such as pop, beer, liquor, meats, eggs, bread, vegetables and other small items.  It is very convenient but a little pricier than the super market.

    In Cancun there are numerous places to purchase groceries.  A little over 15 minutes from Casa del Paradiso  you can shop at Costco, Wal-Mart, Samís Club or a couple of excellent Mexican super markets Commercial Americana and Chedraui.  Your U.S. Costco or Samís membership club card can be used in Cancun.

  11. When is maid service?

    There is daily maid service  or mid week maid service depending on the property that you rent. The maid will make the beds and clean up around.  Bath towels are changed midweek and bed linens  are changed weekly. The service will generally be performed after breakfast when you are most likely to be away from the rooms.  If you want the maid to come back later just tell her and she will be happy to make the beds later.

  12. Are there mosquitoes and other critters that bite in the area?

    Yes, this is the tropics and so mosquitoes and other flying creatures are around.  The major tourist areas are also spayed including Puerto Morelos and Cancun. However, when you go out, particularly in the evening it is a good idea to spray with some insect repellant.

  13. Is there an ATM machine nearby where I can get money from my account in the U.S. or Canada?

    Yes, there is an ATM machine in Puerto Morelos next to the market on the main square.  You can get money (pesos) from your account just as in the U.S. or Canada.  There are also ATM machines all over Cancun in shopping malls and at the banks.  When you drive into Cancun there banks on the right side of Tulum Ave, which is the street that you will drive in on.  The banks also have ATM machines.

  14. Where are money exchanges?

    There are money exchanges all over the Cancun area.  They will convert dollars to pesos and their rates are usually posted outside. In Puerto Morelos there are  money exchanges across from the church in the main square, next to the market  and also one on the main road near the gas station. In Cancun there are several on Tulum at the banks and near the banks.

  15. Where is the nearest Pharmacy?

    There is a Pharmacy in Puerto Morelos near the church on the main square.  There is also a Pharmacy on the main road route 307 near the gas station in Puerto Morelos.  In Cancun there are numerous pharmacies. A popular one is Sanborns, which is at the first plaza on the main road going into Cancun.

  16. What is the weather like?

    In general it is nice all year round, with the average temperatures between 74-84F. The thermometer rarely dips below 70F. It does get hot around here (isn't that why you come here?) and the hottest months are July and August. The rainiest months are September and October, but the rain usually falls for an hour or so in the afternoon or at night, which is no big deal. Unless your visit is during a hurricane, you are unlikely to have rain for more than 3 days during your vacation. You can visit Weather Base to see average temperatures and rainfall year round.

  17. Are beach towels provided?

    Yes, generally all the properties provide one beach towel per person.  We request that you only use the bath towels for inside and beach towels for outside.  Beach towels that are wet after use can be hung out to dry on the line.


  18. Where can I get access to the Internet?

    There are several internet cafes in Puerto Morelos including one  near the currency exchange accross from the church, by the market on the main square and accross from the money exchange near the church .  It is a few pesos per hour and is air-conditioned. You can send and receive e-mails, check stocks etc. There are also numerous Internet cafes and Internet access locations throughout Cancun.  A popular one is at the first shopping center where the Sears is located.  There are two large Internet access operations there with plenty of the latest computers and some with voice capabilities.

  19. Are there hospitals in the area?

    There is an American hospital in Cancun about 20 minutes away.  There is also an American style clinic in Playa del Carmen.  There are of course the pharmacies in Puerto Morelos for minor ailments.

  20. Is this part of Mexico safe?

    The Cancun area is very safe, violent crime is virtually non-existent.  There have been some reports of petty theft primarily involving students and associated with all night parties or the bar scene but also snatch and run where tourist gather.  When you travel a little common sense should be used.  It is a good idea keep doors locked when you are not there are at night, to be mindful of your money, lock car doors Ė use a waist purse and be knowledgeable of the exchange rate. When you take a taxi, ask to see the rate card and pay only what it says. Also, if you go onto the public beach donít leave valuables lying around.