Security Deposit Agreement

I understand that a security deposit in (U.S. Dollars) is due with final payment (30 days) before arrival  in the amount of $200 per week.  The deposit will be returned to me subject to a satisfactory inspection and inventory report of the home by the property manager within 10 days of departure (generally goes out next working day).

I understand that certain expenses may be deducted from my deposit including, but not limited to:

bulletRepair or replacement of any damaged or missing items including CD's, Videos, linens, etc.,
bulletCost of any extraordinary cleaning of the premises,
bulletCost of repair or replacement of damaged furniture, appliances or electronic equipment beyond what would be considered normal,
bulletCost of replacement of lost keys and/or changing of locks.

I understand that I am liable for the above costs throughout the duration of my occupancy of the property, even if not caused by myself personally, but by any guest I may have on the premises, whether the guest is occupying the property or not.  I also understand that I may be charged the full replacement cost of items.  This may include the cost of importation of items from the U.S. and service charges to cover labor costs of obtaining the same.

I understand that only registered guests are permitted on the premises without prior authorization and that no business or illegal activities are to be conducted on or from the premises whether or not for a profit.  Furthermore, I understand that violation of this part of the Security Deposit Agreement will result in immediate eviction from the premises and forfeiture of my security deposit.

I agree to immediately report any malfunctions or damage to any item, appliance or fixture located in or outside the property or any maintenance problems directly to the staff or Property Manager.

I agree to release and hold harmless any and all parties involved with the rental, management and reservations of the property and to release and hold harmless it's owners or representatives and the owners and employees of said property and to release and hold harmless it's owners or representatives and owners of the villa for any loss or damage to personal property or for any injury and/or death.

I agree to adhere to the Vacation Rental Guidelines that has been provided and to vacate the villa on the departure date at the specified time.

Check-in Time:     12:00 pm (see rates section)
Check-out Time:  10:00am (see rates section)

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